Colma is a town located north of the San Francisco peninsula in San Mateo County. It’s called “City of the Silent” for reasons that may be obvious to even the visitors. Here’s a clue: The souls outnumber the living in Colma.

Since its founding in 1924, Colma has been planned as a necropolis, which is another word for a large designated cemetery. To date, Colma has a total of 17 cemeteries. Most well-known are Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Olivett Memorial Park, Holy Cross memorial park, and Hills of Eternity. The cemeteries are sprawling, beautiful, and well-maintained. Historic cemeteries feature Mediterranean architecture.

Before the idea spooks you. The cemeteries may be a large part of Colma, but it isn’t all there is to the town. There are three neighborhoods in Colma  — Cypress Hills, Central Colma, and Sterling Park — where between 1,300 to 1,700 residents live. On its website, it says: “It’s great to be alive in Colma.” Locals have a sense of humor about living in such a town. There is also a pet cemetery that offers tailored services to humans whose pets have passed on.

Walking around Colma feels like stepping back in time. Very distinct are the charming streets and street lamps. It is also well-located and with a great transit system. Close to neighboring Daly City and just a BART or Caltrain ride to San Francisco. Colma Museum tells you the history of Colma. Molloy’s Tavern is a local hangout, historic and with personable service, and a wide selection of beers. For hiking trails and panoramic views, there’s San Bruno Mountain State & County Park. On a clear day, you could see San Francisco.

Real estate in Colma is affordable. Considering it is close to many great cities where you could go whenever you get bored of wanting a change of scenery even momentarily. Homes are in the more affordable range but very hard to get. At any given time there are only a few homes for sale, and homes stage on the market for less than two weeks on average. Therefore, homeowners in Colma are considered very lucky.

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