San Francisco is one of the cities in the country that many people dream of living in. It is hot, desirable, and to many, a pipe dream. San Francisco or the Bay Area has many strengths, its natural beauty, job market, good weather, endless options for dining and entertainment, great architecture, and progressive people.

Temperate Climate

While San Francisco may have its foggy days but there is no humidity, no snow, no sleet, and no thunderstorms. San Francisco has a really good climate and much envied by those on the eastern seaboard.

Progressive People

San Francisco has a place in history, particularly the counterculture movement. Musicians, poets, and artists flocked to San Francisco during the ‘60s and ‘70s. From the years of free love, San Francisco still has the same values, the people are global, progressive, forward-thinking, accepting of the weird and eccentric, and generally easygoing. This welcoming attitude is one of the reasons why San Francisco is a magnet for businesses and investment, which brings us to the next point.

Great Career Opportunities

San Francisco is close to Silicon Valley, which attracts many young professionals from all over the world for jobs in information technology, social and digital media marketing, biotechnology, cleantech, and life sciences. San Francisco has a good job market compared with other cities in the country.

Great Outdoors

Compared to other cities, which are concrete jungles, San Francisco boasts of natural beauty. Outdoorsy people are drawn to the city. California has mountains, woodlands, forests, hiking trails, parks, and natural waters. It is after all the Bay Area, which means there is a bay.

Endless Choices for Dining and Entertainment

You couldn’t eat in all the restaurants in San Francisco in your lifetime, since new restaurants crop up at an alarming pace. Think of any type of cuisine and San Francisco has it: Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Filipino, American, Spanish, Mexican, French, German, and more. And it’s not only about quantity but also quality. San Francisco restaurateurs use the finest produce and ingredients. San Franciscans have access to national and world-class museums, theatre, opera, and ballet.

Great Architecture

One of the greatest features of San Francisco is the architecture. Perhaps most well known is Victorian architecture, but there’s Queen Anne, Tudor Revival, and Gothic Revival among many architectural styles. Living in an apartment with bay windows, makes living in San Francisco such a dream. Other than the homes, there’s the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alamo Square, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

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