Redwood City is a city that is neighboring San Francisco and San Jose and is considered the heart of Silicon Valley despite being part of San Mateo County. It is beautiful and attracts a younger workforce. Redwood City is where the headquarters of Oracle and Evernote, just two of the many big companies that are here.

Great Climate

The climate in Redwood city is not just good but great. With hot summers and mild winters. No snow and not much precipitation. Way back, it was proclaimed as having the best climate in the country.

Farmer Fresh Produce

Redwood City has the best farmers market culture in that locals have access to the freshest, organically-grown produce and get to meet the farmers that harvested them. Redwood city is still in California, which is one of the most health-conscious states in the country.

Lots of Food Options

Food choices are abundant in Redwood City. There are restaurants for every type of cuisine — Chinese, Korean, Persian, Italian, and Middle Eastern. There is something to satisfy every taste and what you are in the mood for, Redwood will surely have a restaurant that satisfies your craving.

Revitalized Downtown

Downtown Redwood city is a major hangout destination, with a massive theater complex, a variety of restaurants, and several boutiques for shopping. The mix offers up a unique experience than in other California cities.

Economic Diversity

San Francisco is agreed upon as wildly expensive, as well as other cities in the valley, Redwood, on the other hand, has more economic diversity. There is a lot more to offer people who may not be earning Silicon Valley salaries. There are plenty of working-class residents –different experiences and perspectives — that makes it a more well-rounded community.

More Housing Options

Since not all earn Silicon Valley salary in Redwood City, it also has plenty of affordable housing options. Unlike San Francisco, Redwood City is far more affordable to live as a single person, a couple, or a family. Redwood City neighborhoods also differ. The neighborhoods in the North and the East are more urban, while the western part is more suburban. Real estate in Redwood city includes single-family homes, apartments, and mansions.


If you ever need to get out of Redwood city, remember that San Jose, San Francisco are nearby. It may be helpful to get around with a car but there are transportation options, particularly the CalTrain station, which takes you to San Jose and San Francisco.

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