What is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in California is San Bruno. A place that offers the best of several worlds. With temperate climes, a home that’s close to everything, and a great and affordable housing market. There’s more to San Bruno that makes it well worth considering when house hunting.


If you live in San Bruno, get used to the weather being almost always perfect. Throw out your winter clothes because you can wear comfortable and light clothes for most of the 365 days in a year.

Good Location

San Bruno boasts an excellent location, in that it’s close to other cities in California. It is 10 minutes from San Francisco. In less than four hours of driving you can find yourself in Oakland, Daly City, Burlingame, San Jose, and more. If you don’t have a car, it is also accessible to other modes of transportation such as buses and the Caltrain that takes you to anywhere on the Santa Clara Valley and San Francisco Peninsula.


Due to its climate and excellent location, San Bruno draws in people from around the country. It has a diverse population that contributes to the bustling vibe of the city. No matter your ethnicity, you will find a place for yourself in San Bruno. The diversity brings a mix of skills that are put to good use in the various industries in San Bruno. It’s a city of hard workers, and commuters to other nearby cities are common. Headquartered in San Bruno are the Youtube, Google, and Walmart offices.

School System

San Bruno boasts a friendly and welcoming community. Raising a family here is one of the primary reasons for moving. It has a great public school system — the San Bruno Park School District. Among the top-rated elementary schools are Portola Elementary School and John Muir Elementary School.

Affordable Housing

San Bruno has relatively affordable housing with a variety of options. You can have all that San Francisco and other nearby cities have to offer and avail of affordable housing in San Bruno. Housing options include apartments, condominiums, cottages, ranchers, and other unique architecture, for surprisingly low prices.

Amazing Outdoors

Locals are proud of San Bruno City Park, which features a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, baseball diamonds, 13 picnic areas, two play areas, and a recreation center. Also located here in the San Bruno County Park, which is a favorite for hiking, cycling, and more. Reach the summit and you get panoramic views of the Bay Area.

Storage Space Near San Bruno

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