South San Francisco is located in the basin of the valley that is formed by the San Bruno Mountains. It is part of San Mateo County and is often called “South City.” For the most part, South San Francisco faces San Francisco Bay, which means it affords residents great views. Is South Francisco a great place to live? Yes, and here are several reasons why.

Good Climate

Being in South Francisco means being in California. Expect cooler summers and dry winters. The fog that is most identified with San Francisco is not such a bother here. Since the hills to the west prevent much of the fog from moving into the city.


What drives a move to South Francisco is usually employment, whether within the city itself or the surrounding nearby cities in the Bay Area. Top employers in South Francisco include biotech companies such as Genentech as well as Salesforce, Google, and UC Berkeley.


There is a Bart Station in South San Francisco which makes getting to other cities in the Bay Area easy. Many people who work in San Francisco may choose to make their home in South San Francisco. There is a Caltrain station here, which takes you to other cities in California.


Where can you go in South Francisco? It has many parks. Oyster Point Park, Buri Buri Park, Westborough Park, Alta Loma Park, and Sign Hill Park are just a few examples. Each park has its unique amenities like playgrounds, ball fields, trails, and more that make it enjoyable for the entire family. There is also a memorial park in South Francisco.


South Francisco neighborhoods are varied, with different price points. Avalon Park, Brentwood, Parkway, Buri-Buri, Diamond Heights, Mayfair Village, Francisco Terrace, Old South Francisco each have their charm. Housing is also more on the pricier side in the South City.

Friendly People

South San Francisco residents have a reputation for friendliness, which can further add to the appeal of living here. It is a diverse and progressive community. Neighbors are ready to lend a helping hand.

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